Saturday, January 5, 2008

Norwegian Sweater Knitalong

Hi Everyone, welcome to the Ethnic Knitting Discovery knitalong. We'll be making a Norwegian pullover that we'll design ourselves using the instructions in Ethnic Knitting Discovery. I'll be posting lessons here to keep us all moving forward together, and we'll be posting photos of our progress as we go along. We also have a Yahoo! Group for more in-depth discussions about the techniques used in this sweater and for general discussions about ethnic knitting techniuqes from around the world. Feel free to sign up in both places. I may also set up a Ravelry group.

Here's the basic schedule. This is probably when I'll post lessons about each of the steps in designing and knitting the sweater. Feel free to move ahead more quickly on your own and don't feel bad if it takes you more time. We all understand that life sometimes takes prioirty over knitting.

Now - Choose yarns and colors, collect tools, get a copy of the book

Jan 15 - Knit headband swatch to test out stitches and colors, plan layout of pattern stitches for sweater

Jan 30 - Do the arithmetic needed to cast on for the body

Feb - Knit body

Feb 28 - Do the arithmetic needed to begin the sleeves

Mar - Knit sleeves

Mar 30 - Cut open armholes (and neck or crew neck version) and begin finishing

Whenever - Finish!

Below you'll find the information we've already discussed on the Yahoo! Group.

Illustrations by Joyce M. Turley,

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