Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fana Headband

My headband has been knit for a while now, I wanted to finish it before I posted, but I can't decide if I want to line it or?? I think I'll wait until I get my trim so I'll have a trial run sewing it on before I finish the sweater.

Sorry this photo is so bizarre, I didn't make a non-rolling edge because I knew I was going to be sewing the edges under, so I had to pin it to a hat.

The good news is my tension was fairly good, no puckering or huge loose floats. So now I have my gauge and the dimensions of a sweater whose fit I like. Time to get to a little figurin' so I can order the rest of my yarn.

In other news, I contacted Annemor Sundbø to get permission to post a photo of a Fana sweater from her book "Everyday Knitting: Treasures From a Ragpile". (It will be on my blog, but right now I am being tortured by Blogger, who hates me and my mac, and makes posting photos an often impossible endeavor.) I found out that she had a few copies left of a book about Fana sweaters that I had been trying to find in the U.S., which I ordered, and she is helping me with the trim.

Edited to add: here is the post with the photo


Tracy said...

Your headband looks good. I'm not sure what this Fana is. I went to Anemor's site and she sure has done some beautiful stuff and her books look interesting. Also, where is your blog so I can check it out? Inquiring minds want to know.

Janice said...

Hi Tracy, all of Annemor's books are great.
Here's the link to the Fana entry on my blog:

Tracy said...

Thanks, Janice. I get it now. I like the ideas you have for using the trim. Looking forward to seeing what you do.