Saturday, February 9, 2008

A bit done

Okay, so far my work is looking a little wonky. I've started the lice there at the top but you can't see it very well in this picture.
There are several issues going on:
1. I decided to have my large motif on the bottom and I'm still not sure what I'm doing on the top.
2. The hem facing is out of a yarn with a slightly different gauge and I'll have to re-do that later.
3. Clearly, I need of lot of blocking, but I think it should even things out.
4. I have 16" knitted and have 14" more to go so we'll just see....


Donna said...

I always have to steam press my color knitting to get it to be nice and even looking. I only know one knitter who can knit stranded colors and have the tension come out so even that it looks machine knitted.

Your sweater's going to be beautiful.

Melissa said...

Jeeze, thanks Donna.
I've been feeling a bit dis-heartened about it. Trying to do something different and still having it come out balanced visually.

Tracy said...

Looks great. I really like the trees at the bottom. You've got a lot of time to decide what you want to do at the top yet.